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Florida grandma heats up $10 million fight against former JPM brokers – her grandsons

by Lynnley Browning Read the article on FinancialPlanning.com A wealthy Florida grandmother has intensified her legal battle to force two former brokers at J.P. Morgan Securities — her grandsons — to pay her at least $10 million as ordered by regulators for unauthorized trading in her accounts. The grandsons, who are brothers, handled Beverley Schottenstein’s […]

BenBella Books is excited to announce our new partnership with Cathy Schottenstein!

Granddaughter of Schottenstein retail dynasty matriarch Beverley Schottenstein Cathy Schottenstein’s NANNY’S WAR, the inside story–optioned for development by HBO Max–of the Schottenstein family and how two of Beverley’s own grandsons, Evan and Avi Schottenstein, along with their former employer J.P. Morgan Securities, abused Beverley for years and misappropriated $100 million of her money, to Leah […]

The Systematic Abuse of Britney Spears:

How the Legal System Allowed a Criminal Family to Seize Control of One Woman’s Life The New Yorker recently published a comprehensive article entitled “Britney Spears’s Conservatorship Nightmare” chronicling how the pop star’s father and a team of lawyers seized control of her life, her career, and her finances—and held onto that control for well […]

Protecting Elders from Abuse is a Global Problem

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” Mahatma Gandhi made that statement in the early 1900s, right at the start of the 20th Century. Who are those most vulnerable members? Certainly, they include children, the mentally and physically disabled, and our aged population. Today, 21 years […]