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Schottenstein family dispute erupts in Florida with charges of elder abuse, financial fraud in $80 million estate

By Jim Weiker – Feb 17 2021 Read on dispatch.com Beverley Schottenstein isn’t exactly sure when she suspected her grandsons were cheating her. Perhaps it was when they shredded her bank statements. Or maybe it was when she discovered they had created an email account in her name. Or when she noticed hundreds of thousands of […]

The Schottenstein Family And Elder Abuse

By All Sides Staff – Feb 24, 2021 Click here to listen to the Audio Interview on Radio WOSU A financial industry arbitrator in early February sided with Beverley Schottenstein in an elder abuse case, ordering her two grandsons and JP Morgan Chase to pay her $19 million. Evan and Avi Schottenstein handled their grandmother’s […]

Ex-J.P. Morgan Brokers Push for $4-Mln Settlement with Grandmother in Schottenstein Case

By Jake Martin –  July 1, 2021 Two ex-J.P. Morgan Securities brokers claim their grandmother reneged on terms to resolve their high-profile, high-dollar intrafamily dispute and are seeking to enforce a $4 million settlement of the issues they say she wrongfully dragged back to court, according to new filings. Retail matriarch Beverley B. Schottenstein, 95, […]

Schottenstein Settlement Talks Fizzle; Grandmother Reopens Case Against Ex-J.P. Morgan Brokers

By Jake Martin – June 9, 2021 Read the article on advisorhub.com Negotiations have broken down to settle a multimillion dollar, intrafamily dispute between retail matriarch Beverley B. Schottenstein and her grandsons, former J.P. Morgan Securities brokers accused of unauthorized trading in her account and elder abuse, according to a court filing. Attorneys for the […]

Florida woman, 94, wins $19 million fraud ruling against JP Morgan, grandsons

Feb. 9, 2021, by Jay Cridlin Read the full article on tampabay.com Beverly Schottenstein, part of an Ohio retail dynasty, had alleged her grandsons had improperly managed her money. A financial arbitration group has awarded nearly $19 million to a 94-year-old Bal Harbour woman who claimed her two grandsons, then brokers at JP Morgan Securities, mishandled […]

Wealthy Florida grandma reignites multimillion-dollar battle against two former JPM brokers — her grandsons

By Lynnley Browning – June 9, 2021 Read the article on financialplanning.com So much for trying to make amends with family. A multimillion-dollar battle has flared up again between a wealthy Florida grandmother and her two grandsons whom she accused of mishandling her money while working at J.P. Morgan Securities, a new court filing shows. […]

Opinion: It’s time to stop calling brokers ‘financial advisers’

March 18, 2021 – By Pam Krueger Read the article on MarketWatch.com Regulations and reforms to protect investors aren’t working and need repair. This report misidentified the brokerage firm involved in the arbitration settlement. The story has been corrected. A recent story about a 94-year old woman whose grandsons criminally mismanaged her wealth is just […]

Bilked wealthy Grandma reaches secret deal with two former JPM brokers — her grandsons

By Lynnley Browning – April 16, 2021 Read the article on financial planning.com The wealthy Florida grandmother who accused her two grandsons of mishandling her money while working at JPMorgan Chase apparently has a soft heart. Beverley Schottenstein, 94, has waged high-profile battles with the Wall Street bank and her financial advisors there — her […]