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Family Affair: Panel Orders J.P. Morgan, Ex-Brokers to Pay $19 Million to Grandmother

February 9, 2021, by Jake Martin Read the article on advisor hub.com A panel of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority arbitrators on Thursday rendered the agency’s largest award since 2018 in a case brought by a grandmother against J.P. Morgan Securities and two former brokers—her grandsons—for unauthorized trading. Beverley Schottenstein, 94, in Bal Harbour, Florida, was awarded […]

In the US, a 94-year-old millionaire punished her grandchildren for embezzling her capital

By Steve Cown – Feb 18, 2021 Read article on freenewslive.com According to Bloomberg, Florida resident Beverley Schottenstein, who is 94, has secured a multi-million dollar settlement from her grandchildren, who managed her fortune. The Financial Arbitration Court ruled that Evan and Avi Schottenstein and the bank J. P. Morgan, where they worked as consultants, are […]

Illustration of difference between public, private shown in case of 93-year-old

Damschroder: Ohio STRS provides THE perfect example John Damschroder Columnist – Mar. 24, 2021 read the full article at thenews-messenger.com There’s no better illustration of the difference between public and private financial misconduct than the story of 93-year-old Beverley Schottenstein. The widow of a former Schottenstein Company president and member of the family with their […]

My Grandma is a 94-Year-Old #MeToo Warrior

When activist Tarana Burke started the “Me Too” movement in 2006, her goal was to raise awareness of the full extent of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment in society. She wanted to tell survivors, “You are heard. You are understood. You are not alone.” In 2017 after The New York Times published its exposé detailing sexual abuse […]

Institutional Malfeasance: Another Ugly Form of Elder Abuse

My cousins Evan and Avi Schottenstein are not the Menendez brothers. They did not kill our nonagenarian grandmother. Yet, in misappropriating her fortune for years as they worked as her “financial advisors” at J.P. Morgan, and in using her advanced age against her in a shameful attempt to influence people into thinking she had dementia, they did kill something […]

A ‘Dawning’ Instinct Sheds Light in a Dark Place

Five years ago, my grandmother whom I call Nanny, Beverley Schottenstein, had no idea that anything nefarious was going on within her account. Though she did ask her grandsons Evan and Avi why she wasn’t receiving monthly statements, they assured her that J.P. Morgan no longer sent paper statements to their clients, and since Nanny […]

Elder Abuse Impacts the Famous and Non-Famous Alike

Many seniors are fortunate. They are being well cared for, whether in assisted-living facilities or in their own homes, even though some may be mentally or physically compromised in their advancing years. By contrast, other vulnerable elders are being neglected, abused, isolated, and financially exploited. The sinners committing these crimes may be care facility workers, […]