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Beverley Schottenstein

Read some of The Dispatch’s historic coverage of the Schottenstein family

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The Columbus Dispatch Archives – Feb 18, 2021

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As drama unfolds around the handling of Beverly Schottenstein’s fortune in Florida, The Dispatch is sharing some of its historical coverage of the Schottenstein family.

The family that once held stakes in retail, real estate, construction businesses and more held power in Columbus for decades.

Here are some of the articles The Dispatch has written on them over the years. (The text of stories published prior to 1985 have not been digitized.)

Beverley Schottenstein

Grandmother wins $19m arb award from JPM and grandchildren


February 9, 2021 – By Ian Wenik

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A panel of arbitrators found that Beverley Schottenstein’s grandsons made unauthorized purchases and sales in her account.

finraA panel of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra) arbitrators has ordered JP Morgan and two of its brokers to pay a roughly $19m financial penalty after the brokers were found liable for making unauthorized purchases and sales of securities in their grandmother’s account.

The arbitrators ordered JP Morgan to pay $4.7m in compensatory damages, Evan Schottenstein $9m in compensatory damages and Avi Schottenstein $602k in compensatory damages to Beverley Schottenstein and her trust. JP Morgan has also been ordered to revoke Beverley Schottenstein’s investment in a private equity fund run by Coatue Management and pay her $4.29m plus interest. Evan Schottenstein and JP Morgan have also been ordered to each pay half of Beverley Schottenstein’s attorneys’ fees. Read more

Beverley Schottenstein

Finra bars ex-JP Morgan broker after grandmother’s $19m arb award


By Ian Wenik – April 14, 2021

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J.P. MorganThe Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra) has permanently banned a former JP Morgan broker after he was accused of making unauthorized purchases and sales of securities in his own grandmother’s account.

Evan Schottenstein agreed to the ban after he refused to testify in Finra’s investigation into the matter without admitting or denying any misconduct.

In February, a panel of Finra arbitrators ordered Evan Schottenstein to pay $9m in compensatory damages to his grandmother, Beverley Schottenstein, along with her trust. The order came as part of a $19m arbitration award in favor of Beverley Schottenstein after she lodged a complaint against JP Morgan, Evan Schottenstein and his brother, Avi Schottenstein. Read more